Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Helat Blogger 2010

people, now im in Purna MTQ. why? because there is a kinda of seminar. its about "Helat Blogger Riau 2010"

and now im just online and dont know what should i do. there are many students from another schools in Pekanbaru. here, i use the super fast connection. i hope i would get "something" from this event, not only free online.

may be i will posting about what i get in this event tomorrow ya :) because im just online all day long rite now. i wanna the seminar begins rite rite rite now, gosh!



fransiscahadylaya said...

finally mulai juga ya git. haha

Gita Yolanda said...

iya, kita duduk paling depan pula -.-
terlalu depan malah !! heheh